ETH: 8.5% APR
CAKE: 30.1% APR
USDT: 8.5% APR
BNB: 12.0% APR
AVAX: 8.3% APR
BTC: 6.5% APR
ETH: 8.5% APR
DOGE: 6.0% APR
OXY: 24.5% APR
SHIB: 6.5% APR
SOL: 14.0% APR

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10% APY
5% APY
5% APY
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The calculator is indicative and for informational purpose only and is not a guarantee of actual interest that may be earned. Actual earned interest will be payable in cryptocurrency and will vary depending on the actual rate that applies to the cryptocurrency in APP from time to time. The USD-equivalent value of earned interest will vary depending on the conversion rate betweem USD and the applicable cryptocurrency from time to time